Cobalt Depository Safe Model: S3D-3020KC

Price: $1,221.21



Exterior Dimensions, in. (HxWxD):
30″ x 20″ x 16″

Interior Dimensions, in. (WxD):
19 1/2″ x 13 2/5″

Hopper Dimensions, in. (HxD):
4″ x 5 2/7″ each

Weight: 220 lbs.

“B” Rated Burglary Construction

1/2″ Solid Steel Door

1/4″ Solid Steel Body

(3) 7/8″ Chrome Plated Solid Steel Locking Bolts (per door)

(1) Drill Resistant Hard Plate (Not included on door with dual key)

(1) Full Length Locking Bar to Deter Attacks on Hinges (per door)

(3) Anti-fish Baffles

(1) Active Spring Loaded Re-locker (per door)

(4) Pre-drilled Anchor Holes


Top Door: Dual Key Safe Deposit Lock
(2 renter keys and 1 guard key included)
Bottom Door: S&G Group II Combination Dial